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Advocating for Various Policyholders Over the Years

Our Clients

Our Public Adjustersassist Policyholders in CT and NY. Some of our clients are:

  • Homeowners

  • Commercial Property Owners

  • Real Estate and Property Management Companies

  • Foreclosed Property Owners

 public adjusters in CT,

Should I have a contractor handle my claim?

While we believe an honest contractor will have your best interests at heart, he may not be legally licensed to negotiate your claim. According to the Connecticut General Statute 38a-725, UPPA, the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting, is an illegal practice and is punishable by the Commissioner by a fine, imprisonment or both.

When your contractor negotiates your claim, the practice may avoid a fair and competitive bidding process to take place and in turn, you wouldn't be able to compare price and workmanship quality before making the important decision of 

hiring a contractor following a covered loss.

 insurance claims in Connecticut,

Commercial Property

We partner with engineers, architects and work closely with town officials to ensure your commercial building is rebuilt in accordance with Local and National Building codes.

The negotiation that takes place on all commercial losses can be very complex and time-consuming. We believe only a Public Adjuster who has experience working for Insurance companies, construction background and solid negotiation skills can achieve the optimal outcome you and your family would expect.

If you experience a Business shutdown related to a covered loss, we work with you and your insurance company to reach a settlement that includes all lost profits and extra expenses. 

We have prepared Business Interruption claims and assisted restaurants, hospitals, property managers, landlords, recycling businesses and more, recover the lost revenue that could not be derived from actual sales and that are covered under most commercial insurance policies. 

Real Estate and Property Management Company 

We work with property managers representing the claim on the many properties they manage.

We take this time consuming and demanding task off their busy schedule.

By choosing IPAE to represent your client's properties, you can be certain we only settle when we are able to recover what is necessary to rebuild the affected properties.

Foreclosed Properties

We work closely with mortgage companies to ensure our clients have enough funds disbursed to manage the repairs and restore value of their properties.

 insurance claims in Connecticut,
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